Poyraz’s “executive recruitment service” covers both the search for and the selection of competent managers for senior executive and specialist positions. Poyraz has successfully recruited high-calibre executives for a large number of national and international companies, over the last thirty years. Our succesful services did not only satisfied our clients but kept our name in the leading position.

The search-selection assignment will be carried out according with a specific, accurate methodology; the different phases of this service are the following:

•  Reconstruction of the nature and profile of the company, the business sector in which it operates and the positions to be filled.
   This reconstruction and analysis will be carried out on the basis of the data supplied by the client.
•  Definition of a profile of the ideal candidate for the position (attaching equal importance to professional qualifications and
   experience, outlook and skills) and a provisional specification of the terms and conditions of employment.
•  Identification of market and/or companies which will supply a suitable and fertile source of candidates.
•  To proceed with the assignment by drawing up the detailed terms of reference and doing a detailed analysis and breakdown
    of costs and timing to the client for consideration and approval.
•  Carrying out a systematic analysis of the market sectors, the type of company and the various professional groups and
   associations which will provide the most fertile catchment areas for the search; setting up of mechanisms and channels for
   the search; including our data base leading to pointing out of the best candidates.
•  Interviewing candidates who have been short listed as a result of the operations described above and providing an in depth
   evaluation of their skills.
•  The presentation of candidates recommended by the consultant.
•  Taking up to professional references provided by the candidate and verifying them.

Poyraz also provides (at the request of the client) counselling designed to promote the smooth induction of the successful candidate into the life of the Company.

Poyraz, has a very compherensive Biography Data Bank. The main characteristics of Poyraz Biography Data Bank are listed below;

• Substantial Content: Poyraz Biography Data Bank (PBDB) is a substantial database to facilitate for search and selection of
  executives and specialized staffs successfully for national and international companies.
• Confidentiality: Confidentiality in PBDB operations is the most important “Must” of Poyraz. Since the beginning, it has been a fully
  protected database.
• Reliability: Our experience in this sensitive area provides the client with a high degree of expertise both in determining and
  defining requirements and in identifying the most suitable candidates for the position. This gives PBDB a larger capacity and
  accordingly multiple choice opportunities for the clients.
• Two-sided Benefit: PBDB, not only provide the clients a wide variety of choices but also gives professional executives
  opportunity in career development.