Founded in 1973 as a private company, Poyraz Consulting pioneered the introduction and spread of management-consulting services in Turkey. At the time, the concept of management consulting was a revolutionary innovation in the country; clients were offered creative and pragmatic consulting services that first identified the operational weakness and strengths of their management structures and then proposed no-nonsense, practical ways to eliminate the former and enhance the later. The approach worked: clients who took Poyraz's advice, prospered and grew and their success generated a steady stream of new clients.

Ever since then, Poyraz has remained the recognised leader in its field. Over the last three decades, the dedication of the company's philosophy and professional ethics of Poyraz, has resulted in the widespread acceptance of practices of management consulting in Turkey. At that time, not only we originally blazed this new trail, but also we have satisfactorily served hundreds of clients; our success and reputation have been-and continue to be unrivalled.

Right along with management consulting services, Poyraz achieved many “First” in Turkey.

Here are a few examples of the “First”s Poyraz achieved;

• First salary survey,
• First executive recruitment service,
• First international trading training,
• First professional industrial research,
• First comprehensive industrial reference books distributed to over 50 countries which aimed to introduce Turkey to the world and many
  other similar “First” in Turkey.

Poyraz has been a partner of InterSearch Worldwide since 1999 as “InterSearch-Turkey”. InterSearch is one of the worlds largest incorporated executive search, selection and human resource consultancies. InterSearch is currently represented by 67 offices in 39 countries, managed by local professionals and directed by an International Board. Poyraz offers professional services in international as well as national context through this network. Having the advantages of being a part of a global organisation, Poyraz leads the forthcoming management trends in Turkey.